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Avon, Ohio Before After


Cabinets, countertops, and a new backsplash Freshens up an already beautiful kitchen.

Honey oak staircase to black and white

Staircases & Trim

Transform your Honey Oak to Black and White, and bring the WOW factor to make your entrance.

Rehab on a budget

Rip & Replace - Rehab On A Budget

Like your foot print and just want to tweak it a little bit? Check out our Rip and Replace – Rehab on a Budget and bring your kitchen into todays era.

A Fresh Color & Design is Northeast Ohio’s Preferred and Premier Cabinet Painting Comany. We take the term Factory Finish seriously, using the same coatings, pumps, infrared curing lamps that high end cabinet manufacturers use.

Taking the term Factory Finish to the next level in onsite refinishing.

Factory Finish

The Difference Is In The M’s

The M’s

Men*, Methods, Materials, & Machines

*Men is meant to include everyone at AFC Including the women that work here! Please understand that when I say men, guys… I am including everyone at A Fresh Color, If you are offended by that – we aren’t going to be a good fit to work together – AND with that being said.

Here is what sets us apart.

Since reentering the finishing market in 2013 A Fresh Color has strived to provide the highest quality of finish to our clientele, whether on ceilings and walls or cabinets, and staircases. Good Enough never is at A Fresh Color.

The First 2 M’s – Men & The Methods:

The team that will work on your house will have no less than 7-10 years of combined experience, every member of AFC is an employee, part of the family, with each one counting on the next to complete their task in order to achieve the end result.

Each team member has gone through extensive training, from material selection, application, prep and protection. The methods used have been tried and tested, by not just us but countless finishers, and refinishers throughout. We have spent years fine tuning our process in order to provide the quality of work that we put out. It starts with the attitude that Good Enough – Never Is!

The Materials:

Ask anyone at A Fresh Color and they will tell you don’t fall in love with the product because it could change at any moment. At A Fresh Color we are always striving to be better than our last job, with technology in the coatings market fastly changing AFC strives to stay on top of coating lines. When Finishing in Kitchens AFC will only use coatings certified by the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Association).

A Fresh Color uses both solvent and waterborne coatings depending on the ventilation capabilities on site, and type of application, substrate that is being finished or refinished.

The Machines:

AirMix/Air Assisted Airless Always the favorite topic because we only know of 1 other company that uses the same type of machines that we use. A Fresh Color & Design uses Airmix technology or Air Assisted Airless pneumatic pumps both onsite and in our facility. When you look at cabinet, furniture companies finishing process none of them are using machines that are bought at your big box stores, or paint store on every corner, they are using AAA pumps, in order to provide the most consistent spray finish available. AFC has 4 of the AAA pumps in use at this time.

InfraRed Curing Lamps: Winter of 2020 saw A Fresh Color build out a 16×20 drying room outfitted with 18 infra-red curing lamps, allowing us to again provide as close to a factory finish as possible with the ability to cure a cabinet door in 3-17 minutes depending on the coating used.

Westlake, Ohio overlook to great room.
Highland Heights Coffee Bar

Transform your home with A Fresh Color & Design. Tired of the old stain look? What could A Fresh Color & Design do for YOUR home? Call us for a Free Consultation and let us know what project you are thinking of.


Bay Village Built-Ins
Fresh & Distinct

Custom built ins designed and installed by Distinct Wood Designs of Cleveland, Ohio and finished by A Fresh Color & Design bring truly A Fresh & Distinct look to any room.

Westlake Spiral Staircase
Foyer pop

Transforming your staircase, and entryway from dated stain, with A Fresh Color of white and black transforms the entryway.

Kitchen Before After
New Cabinets

Rip & Replace with custom cabinets to fit a specific space. A Fresh Color installed custom cabinets, farmhouse sink. New countertops and backsplash

Class it up

Adding a Fresh Color to walls and cabinets, replacing countertops and installing backsplash.

Featured Project

Trim Transformation

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Modern Home Remodel

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