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Trend Experts, Modern Designers, Paint Colors…bla bla bla!

When it all comes down to design, trends, colors the bottom line is it has to work for you. As a painting contractor I am always asked ‘What do you think? my staple reply is always ‘Do you want me to be honest or do you want to be friends? It’s not that I don’t like what the client may be presenting, but it is completely irrelevant if I like it, love it or hate it – I don’t live there!

So, as we all search through the internet for the hottest colors some truly are awesome and some (in my opinion) are not. Whatever your choice ends up being just ensure that it fits your decor, lifestyle, family and ultimately your liking for some years to come.

True that it is only paint BUT lets try and get it right the first time.

White on White on White with Black Appliances

Might be as timeless as it comes. White Subway tile, with White cabinets and White (Cararra Venatino  Quartz) countertop. White on White opens up a tremendous amount of options for your flooring, walls and of course your decor.

Split the Difference!

Split color kitchens are one of our favorites – provided you have the kitchen that will allow for it. Some kitchens won’t allow for it or flow with it. When you are considering colors the biggest thing (once again in my opinion) you are looking for is flow. Pink may be your favorite color but will it flow with your floor, your walls, your decor..etc Split color kitchens provide a very rich environment to provide accents in a classy manor.

Backsplashes what to do what to do?

Subway tile is timeless and a safe bet but with that being said we are seeing more and more 1 piece backsplashes and waterfalls in kitchens and throughout other spaces in homes. Once again it all comes back to if YOUR budget and space will support the full wall, 1 piece backsplash, or waterfall. If your space allows for it, you are afforded a multitude of additional options not only in colors but also in materials.

Daring Colors bring Great Results

At the end of the day it comes down to what you like, what you want and what is going to work in your space. After all it’s Your Home! Not sure if it will work in your space, A Fresh Color & Design will produce color boards for you that will allow you to see how the color(s) interact in your home, your lighting, and simply put – in your space.

Before After Rocky River